About us

We met years ago in one of the agencies we used to work at, it was love at first brief. Both of us immediately realized that we could set up our own studio together. Obsession for fashion is what brings us together, each of us carries different expertises such as:  art direction, design and styling that come together in a successful synergy.



“We complement each other, always eager to discover something new. We like to BELIEVE that what we can create is something everyone has always desired but no one has yet been able to do.”


 “Although we set off as two parallel lines each with a clear VISION of what we want, but we definitely intersect quite a lot.”



Our concepts are supported by a matching unit of versatile photography, styling, make up, interior design and web design experienced professionals.

We surround ourselves with creative minds whose ideas all convey in a common goal.

Laura Baiardini
Still Life Photographer
Camilla Mazzocco
Social Media Manager
Caterina Fumagalli
Emilio Murolo
Fashion Photographer
Alessio Cerizzi
Web Designer
Francesca Bigoni
Digital Content Creator